M5 är ett universal kommunikationssystemet från Nolan som förmodligen passar alla hjälmar.

Thanks to the MULTI line, you can communicate problem-free even with a helmet not pre-set for installation of the N-Com communication systems.

Simple and easy to install, the MULTI Kits adapt to different helmet models, they can be transferred from one helmet to another and are easy to use: you can communicate via cable or via Bluetooth with your passenger or with other motorcycles, use your mobile phone, listen to music or connect to a satellite navigator and receive travel information.

All with the guarantee of N-Com quality: multiple features, comfort, product reliability and safety while riding, excellent audio performances, in addition to a wide range of accessories that let you communicate in the best way possible in any situation.

Safety above all: Nolan and Grex helmets compatible with the MULTI system have been tested and type-approved with the communication system installed, consequently they comply with regulation ECE/ONU 22-05.

REAR POSITIONING: M5 is the FIRST universal intercom that can be installed in the back of the helmet. Minimised aerodynamic impact, improved helmet balance and optimized volume distribution.

BLUETOOTH LOW-ENERGY WIRELESS KEYPAD: The Bluetooth wireless keypad can be positioned wherever you want, within a 5m radius from the Bluetooth control unit: comfort is guaranteed. Ultra thin, with ergonomic design and just 4 keys.

EMERGENCY STOP SIGNAL (ESS): The M5 offers you an exclusive emergency braking signalling system (ESS – Emergency Stop Signal) through intermittent LED lights installed in the back of the helmet. Thanks to the triaxial accelerometer built into the system, a special algorithm calculates the extent of the braking and, once a specific (adjustable) acceleration level is exceeded, the LED lights signal potentially dangerous situations to those travelling behind you.

AUTO ON-OFF SYSTEM: You no longer have to turn off and on the system: the M5 turns off in case it detects no movement for 30 seconds. When you get back on your motorbike, the M5 turns on by itself and automatically reconnects to the mobile phone (or to the paired up devices).

APP FOR iPHONE, iPAD, ANDROID: Now you can manage, configure and control the M5 directly from your Smartphone, while you’re travelling or from your home. You can also use the N-Com App as a system remote control, with many additional functions.

Innovation and… the highest performance for a high-end intercom: FM radio with RDS, mobile phone, music and GPS via Bluetooth, Bike-to-Bike communication with all the Bluetooth systems of the N-Com range and, thanks to the Universal Intercom function, even with intercom systems of other brands.
Pris: X.X00Kr