Nolan – N21


N21 is the new Nolan helmet, a minimalistic product inspired by the timeless ”vintage” look. It continues the legacy of its predecessor, the N20 TRAFFIC and is ideal for both custom riders and café-racers.

The light blue inner VPS (Vision Protection System) sunscreen is approved. It really makes N21 a oneoff model.

A multitude of different classic and ”vintage” looks are available thanks to a variety of colour combinations for the inner padding, shell edge and VPS edge, as well as the graphics and the shell itself.

The Microlock retention system, a ring to secure the helmet to the motorbike (Helmet Lock Ring) and the front aerators (availability depending on the version) complete the N21.

  • Lackat skal i Lexan, SABIC Innovative Plastics
  • Microlockspänne
  • Exklusiv komfortinredning
  • Kalasbra nytänk gällande inredningens passform
  • Reptåligt visir
  • Gokänd enligt ECE22-05
  • Vikt c:a 1100 gram enligt vår kalibrerade brevvåg (storlek medium).